'Binaural' is a mechanical sound experience which creates two tones acoustically. Together they generate a 'beating' which is inspired by the phenomenon Binaural Beats. This phenomenon is created by two constant tones with a small difference in frequency. These tones will interfere with each other, creating a waving sound called ‘beating’. Experiments on creating frequency-fixed tones acoustically, has opened up an untraditional way of working with glass.
‘Binaural’ is a collaboration with Stichting Klinkklaar, which is a partnership between STEIM, Het Muziekgebouw Aan 't IJ, Beeldenstorm, Sundaymorning@ekwc and Het Nationaal Glasmuseum. Together they’ve set up a project about research on new sound technologies, acoustic experiences and buildings as musical objects. ‘Binaural’ is one of the first results of this ten year during project.

Project By Bart Schalekamp, Emilio Timp & Jeroen van Veluw